English as Second Language

In an effort to provide additional adult educational opportunities, Onward House has partnered with Wilbur Wright Community College in Chicago to provide free, certified intermediate level English as a Second Language (ESL) classes at our Belmont Cragin location. Beginning level courses are also available at nearby Northwest Community Church at 5318 W. Diversey Ave. This partnership allows adults in the Belmont Cragin area to take English classes in a convenient location.

Wright's English as a Second Language courses are designed to teach English language and civics skills to non-native English speakers. ESL courses range from providing basic language and life skills for complete beginners to helping advanced students refine their English in preparation for higher education, vocational training, or a career. Reading, writing, listening, speaking, and grammar are included at all levels of instruction. Through ESL courses, students are better prepared to live, work and study in this country.

Intermediate level classes are held Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30-9:30 for 16 week sessions.

If you would like to register for classes, please contact Wright College at (773) 777-7900 to make an appointment to take a placement exam.

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The mission of Onward Neighborhood House is to empower families and individuals in need to achieve their full potential in a community-based setting through participant-driven educational, recreational and social service programs.

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